The Fisherman and His Wife

One sunny day, a poor fisherman caught a very fine fish. He was just about to unhook it from his line, when the fish spoke!
"I am not really a fish but an enchanted Prince," he said. "Please put me back in the water."
"Of course," said the fisherman.
"I wouldn't dream of eating a talking fish!" He put the fish back in the sea and went home to his wife.
The fisherman and his wife lived in a rickety old hut near beach. It was in a terrible state! Everything was higgledy piggledy.
When the fisherman told his wife about the talking fish, she cried out, "You silly man! You should have asked for something for us in return. Go straight back and ask for a nice little cottage to live in."
So the fisherman went back to the seashore. The sun was hidden behind a cloud.
When the fish heard the men's request, he said. "of course. Your wish is granted."
The fisherman went home. Where his hut used to be was a snug cottage.
At first all was well, but after a couple of weeks, the fisherman's wife said, "I deserve better then this. Go back and ask the fish to give use a castle.
I want to be Queen!"
The next day, the fisherman did as she asked. The waves washed angrily against the shore, but the fish listened as before.
"Very well," he said. "Once more your wish has been granted ."
This time, when the fisherman trudged home, he found his wife surrounded by servants in an enormous castle. She seemed to be enjoying herself.
But only a few days later, the fisherman's wife said, "Being Queen is all very well, but I have been thinking..."
The fisherman's heart sank, as he set off for the seashore once again. The sea was very dark and stormy when he reached the water.
"Oh fish!" called the fisherman.
"My wife wants to be the Empress of the Earth and Sky."
"Go home," said the fish. "Your wife has all that she deserves."
And when he reached home, what did the fisherman find? Just a rickety old hut and his wife inside, complaining.
And the fisherman has not seen the talking fish from that day to this, although he looks for him all the time.